Year: 2016 | Month: April | Volume 6 | Issue 2

Histology and Histochemistry of Interstitial Tissue of Testes in Mountain (Gaddi) Goats- A Postnatal Developmental Study

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Testicular tissues obtained from 30 mountain (Gaddi) goats ranging from newborn to > 60 months age divided into 3 age groups viz; prepubertal (neonatal to < 18 month), pubertal (>18 months to <60 months) and postpubertal (>60 months) with at least 10 animals in each group were studied for histological and histochemical changes in their interstitium at various stage of development. The loose connective tissue comprised of various mesenchymal cells, fibroblasts, undifferentiated and differentiated Leydig cells-in various stages of development with capillaries and lymphatics filled up the interstices between the sex cords/ seminiferous tubules being more juvenile in neonates (with mesenchymal and young fibroblast cells) and mature (fibroblasts, fibrocytes and Leydig cells) in older animals. The latter also showed mononuclear cell infiltration as an autoimmune reaction of the ageing testicles. It contributed 65% of testicular tissues in neonates but 13-15% in pubertal and slightly less in postpubertal animals. Among the various cell types, Leydig cells were mostly PAS reactive. The Alcian Blue reaction was inconclusive, colloidal iron stained them mildly to moderately in neonates and prepubertal, moderately to strongly in pubertal and postpubertal groups. BPB reaction for protein and Feulgen for DNA was also strongly represented. Sudan black-B and oil red-O revealed an increasing trend with age. AKPase and ACPase activity was moderate in the Leydig cells.

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