Year: 2016 | Month: December | Volume 6 | Issue 6

Clinical and Haematological Studies in Buffaloes Suffering from Diarrhoea

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Diarrhoea in buffaloes was most commonly encountered in age group ranged between calf hood to thirteen years and majority of affected animals were more than four years old in their third to fourth lactation with drastic reduction in milk production therefore, causing great economic loss to animal owners. Duration of illness was found to be one day to one year and 57.5% cases were chronic patients. Associated clinical findings revealed slight variations in rectal temperature but an appreciable increase in pulse rate and respiration rate, congested mucus membrane (67.5%) and decreased or absent rumen motility in most of the cases as compared to healthy controls during the course of investigation. Hematological findings in diseased animals revealed signifi cant (p <0.05) anemia, lower hemoglobin, higher DLC showed neutrophilia along with lymphopenia and absence of any haemoprotozoan parasite.

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