Year: 2017 | Month: February | Volume 7 | Issue 1

Physiological Responses of Bullocks in Rotary Transmission System for Briquette Production

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Draught animals such as bullocks and he buffaloes are the important source of energy for agricultural operations on small and marginal farms of Chhattisgarh, which constitute three fourth (75.77 %) portion of total land holding. Draught animals used in this region are small sized. In this paper physiological response of non-descriptive breed of bullocks of Chhattisgarh region in rotary power transmission system for briquette production are described. The physiological responses of Bullock in terms of pulse rate, respiration rate and body temperature were recorded during the briquette production after every one hour workout. The average speed of bullock during briquette production and power output was recorded 0.84 m/s and 0.43 kW respectively. The power output reduced with passage of time. The operating speed of bullock varied with the working hour and the bullocks were not fatigue after 6 hours of work as they scored 16 points against the fatigue level score of 20 points.

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