Year: 2017 | Month: February | Volume 7 | Issue 1

Effect of Feed and Feeding Strategies on Oocytes Development in Labeo rohita:A Histomorphological Study

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The present study was conducted to study the effect of different diets and feeding strategies on the development of oocytes during the pre spawning and post spawning period in Labeo rohita. The study showed the presence of oocytes in different developmental stages viz., primary growth phase, secondary growth phase, maturation phase, post ovulatory phase and atretic oocytes during both pre spawning and post spawning period. The primary growth phase comprised of oogonia stage, chromatin nucleolus stage, early perinucleolar stage and late perinucleolar stage, whereas, the secondary growth phase was differentiated as cortical alveolus stage, early vitellogenic stage and late vitellogenic stage, and early and late types of atresia. The percentage occurrence (92-28 %) of these different stages varied during pre spawning and post spawning period respectively The study revealed that (65%) of the oocytes were in the vitellogenic and maturation phases during pre spawning period, while as perinuclear stage and atretic oocytes (27.6%) were seen during post spawning period. All the developmental stages showed more active oocytes in the ovaries of fish fed with vitamins and minerals indicating that diet influences the reproductive efficiency of the fish

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