Year: 2017 | Month: February | Volume 7 | Issue 1

Problem Identification and Climate Change Perception of Bakerwal Pastoralists of Jammu & Kashmir

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The present study was conducted in J&K; North-Western hilly state of India during 2013 to 2015 to study the problems experienced by transhumant Bakerwal pastoralists in different phases of migration and their climate change perception. The sample of 120 respondents was selected randomly for problem identification while as 39 respondents were purposively selected for examining their climate change perception. The study revealed that lack of basic facilities (viz. shelter for animals and humans, clean drinking water, medical facilities, roads connectivity, marketing, education for children, electricity and means of communication) was the top ranking problem experienced by the respondents in summer pastures and en-route migration. This was followed by lack of veterinary health services and disease occurrence which were ranked second most important problems respectively. Reduced pastures availability and water scarcity for animals during later part of the winter were the top most problems experienced by the respondents at winter pastures. Further it was reported that respondents perceived a drastic change in predictability of weather conditions and incidences of torrential rains, cloud bursting, hail storms etc. in the study area. The respondents also expressed a moderate change in average seasonal temperature, amount of rainfall, amount of snowfall and severity of draught at pastures. The study recommends the immediate policy intervention on part of government for provision of various basic facilities to the Bakerwals in different phases of migration besides promotion of income diversification within pastoralism through skill development and need based training programmes for securing the livelihood of Bakerwals.

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