Year: 2017 | Month: February | Volume 7 | Issue 1

Draftability of Kutchi Camel under Agro Climatic Condition of Middle Gujarat

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Present study was conducted on five clinically healthy adult Kutchi camels (B.wt. 450-550kg) with the objective to assess the effect of different payloads (L1-1500kg, L2-2000kg and L3-2500kg), under different seasons (S1- hot dry, S2-hot humid and S3- winter) and work rest cycles (WR1: 2h (W) - 1h (R) - 2h (W) - 1h (R) + 2h (W) and WR2: 1h (W) - 15 min (R) - 1h (W) - 15 min (R) - 1h (W) - 1h (R) - 1h (W) - 15 min (R) - 1h (W) - 15 min (R) - 1h (W). The Kgf, Hp, power output (W), stride (no/100m), time (sec/100m), stride length (m) and duration of stride/sec were recorded significantly (p<0.05) higher under L2 and L3 as compared to L1 under different work rest cycles, whereas speed (m/sec) declined significantly (p<0.05) under L2 and L3 as compared to L1. The no of strides/sec did not differ under any pay loads under different work rest cycles. The Hp, power output (W), speed (m/sec) and number of stride/sec increased significantly (p<0.05) under S2 and S3 as compared to S1 whereas time (sec)/100 m and duration of stride/sec declined significantly (p<0.05) under season S2 and S3 as compared to S1. The stride length (m) recorded significantly (p<0.05) high in S2 an compared to S1 and S3. The Kgf did not alter in any season.

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