Year: 2018 | Month: June | Volume 8 | Issue 3

Quality and Sensory Attributes of Noni Incorporated Low Fat Low Sodium Functional Chevon Patties

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Three different levels (1%, 3% and 5%) of noni juice were attempted in the formulation of low sodium reduced fat meat emulsion to explore the possibility of its utilization as antioxidants in functional chevon patties. The product was evaluated for various quality characteristics and sensory attributes. The pH, thiobarbituric acid (TBA), free fatty acid (FFA) and peroxide value were significantly (P<0.05) lower and cooking yield was higher in treatment compared to control. Mineral contents did not differ significantly (P>0.05) in either of the treatment. Springiness increased and cohesiveness decreased gradually and become significant (P<0.05) at treatment NJ3 (patties added with 5% noni juice). Lightness (L*) value decreased with addition of noni juice and differ significantly (P<0.05) at treatment NJ2 (patties added with 3% noni juice) and NJ3 compared to control. Sensory scores for NJ2 were either comparable or higher as compared to control. Therefore noni juice at 3% may suitably be used for the development of functional chevon patties without affecting its quality and sensory attributes.

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