Year: 2018 | Month: October | Volume 8 | Issue 5

Echocardiographic Indices and their Values of Healthy Adult Malabari Goats

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The study was carried out to establish standard echocardiographic values and indices for adult Malabari goats. Twelve healthy non-pregnant adult Malabari goats from Goat and Sheep Farm, Mannuthy aged one to two years and body weight ranging from 20-25 Kg were utilized to establish standard echocardiographic indices for Malabari goat. The standard echocardiographic values and indices obtained were Left Ventricular Internal Diameter at Diastole and Systole (2.73±0.07 cm and 1.66±0.08 cm), Interventricular Septum at End Diastole and Sytole (0.80±0.02 cm and 1.07±0.02 cm), Left Ventricular free wall thickness at End Diastole and Systole(0.78±0.02 cm and 1.33±0.03 cm), Fractional Shortening and Ejection Fraction (40.78±2.66% and 71.61±2.89%), respectively. Left Atrium to Aortic ratio in B were 1.07±0.01 cm. The study established the normal echocardiographic parameters in female adult Malabari goats which can be used as a reference for studies pertaining to cardiovascular disease diagnosis and for longitudinal research studies in future.

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