Year: 2019 | Month: February | Volume 9 | Issue 1

Effect of Polyherbal Mixture Supplementation on Postpartum Productive Performance in Karan Fries (KF) Cows

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The present study was conducted at Livestock Research Centre (LRC), ICAR-NDRI, Karnal To find out the effect of poly herbal mixture supplementation on postpartum productive performance in KF cows. Thirty multiparous calved KF cows were chosen and divided into three groups, 10 cows in each group. One group was considered as control (C) and other two as treatment groups (T1 and T2). The control (C) group cows were offered the ration as per the standard feeding schedule (ICAR, 2013). The treatment group (T1 and T2) cows were offered the same ration and then additionally the polyherbal mixture combination (25 g each of the herbals + 25g black salt + 250g jaggery) as a treatment for the first 10 and 20 days postpartum period in T1 and T2 group, respectively. The productive related parameters, such as 60 days total milk yield (60 DTMY), peak yield (PY), days to peak yields (DPY), milk compositions and production disorders were recorded in 60 days of postpartum period. The treatment groups, 60 DTMY, PY and DPY were increased as compared to control group. Milk fat % and SNF % of treatment groups (T1 and T2) were more or less similar, if compared with the control group. Milk lactose % of T1 and milk protein% of T2 were significantly (P≤0.05) higher at 60th day of lactation. The productive disorders incidence was also very low in treatment groups (T1 and T2) during the 60 days postpartum period.

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