Year: 2019 | Month: February | Volume 9 | Issue 1

Optimization of Dietary Protein and Energy Requirement of Kadaknath Chicken During the Starter Phase

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The 300 day old Kadaknath chicks were randomly distributed into five treatment groups A, B, C, D and E with three replicates having 20 birds in each and reared up to 6th weeks. The treatment groups were viz., control group A: birds fed diet CP 18%, ME 2700 kcal/kg, Methionine 0.38%, Lysine 0.85%; B: diet CP 19%, ME 2800 kcal/kg, Methionine 0.40%, Lysine 0.90%; C: diet CP 20%, ME 2900 kcal/kg, Methionine 0.48%, Lysine 1.00%; D: diet CP 21%, ME- 3000 kcal/kg, Methionine 0.45%, Lysine 1.10%; E: diet CP 22%, ME 3100 kcal/kg, Methionine 0.50%, Lysine 1.20 %. The body weights and weight gain in group D were significantly (P<0.01) higher than other treatment groups except group B at 6th week. The significantly lower feed intake was observed in group D compared to control group at 1st and 3rd weeks. The feed conversion ratio was significantly (P<0.01) better in groups B (3.74±0.06), D (3.70±0.10) and E (4.18 ±0.13) compared to control group (4.70±0.25). The antibody titres against Ranikhet disease were non-significant in all treatments at 3rd and 6th weeks. The cost of production in rupees per kg live weight was recorded lowest in group D (217.56) followed by groups B (218.62), C (255.39), E (256.23) and A (261.11). It may be concluded that the rearing of Kadaknath chickens under intensive system fed starter diet containing ME 3000 kcal/kg, CP 21%, Lysine 1.10% and Methionine 0.45% recorded best growth performance, better immune response and lowest cost of production at the end of 6th week.

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