Year: 2019 | Month: February | Volume 9 | Issue 1

Incidence of Postpartum Anoestrus and Oestrus Behavior and Gynecological Symptoms in Hormonal Treated Postpartum Anoestrus Buffaloes

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The present investigation was aimed to evaluate the incidence of anoestrus in postpartum buffaloes and compare the intensity of oestrus in anoestrus and oestrus induced buffaloes. A total of 500 postpartum buffaloes were selected from different villages situated around Rewa (M.P.). Calving and breeding history of animals was recorded and Gynaeco-clinical examination. The incidence of anoestrus in postpartum buffaloes was recorded as 33.40 per cent. Out of 167 postpartum buffaloes found to be positive for anoestrus, 24 buffaloes were again randomly divided into three treatment (n=18) and control group (n=06). These treatment group animals were again divided into 03 groups on the basis of hormonal treatment protocols given to animals of groups. Ovsynch group, Heatsynch group, CIDR plus Heatsynch group while control group animals were left untreated. Oestrus intensity score of buffaloes ranged from 80-90, 68-72 and 46-52 in intense, moderate and weak oestrus intensities at induced oestrus respectively, with a mean weighed score of 84.88±1.30, 70.00±0.81 and 49.00±3.00, respectively. Thus it was concluded that the incidence of anoestrus recorded to be 33.40 per cent. Oestrus intensity score card pattern is a good tool to designate intensity of oestrus which has positive relationship with fertility.

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