Year: 2019 | Month: February | Volume 9 | Issue 1

Comparison of Wound Healing Properties of Herbal Ointments with Povidone iodine on Basis of Histological Changes

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Present study was conducted on 24 dogs, aged between 1 to 8 years, irrespective of sex, breed. The animals were randomly divided in to four groups. In group I, animals were treated with standard dressing material Povidone iodine (5.0%). In animals of group II, III, IV herbal ointments (10% w/w) of hydroalcoholic extract of Marigold leaves, Guava leaves and mixture of both Marigold and Guava leaves extracts respectively were used for dressings of wounds for 7 consecutive days. In animals of group IV, marked re-epithelialization and moderate inflammatory cells, neovascularization and thicker but scattered collagen fibrils were seen on day 7 and mature collagen fibres were observed with least number of inflammatory cells on day 14 as compared to other three groups. Therefore, it can be concluded that group IV (mixture of Marigold and Guava leaves hydroalcoholic extract) revealed better wound healing properties as compared to group I (Povidone iodine 5.0%), group II (Marigold leaves hydroalcoholic extract) and group III (Guava leaves hydroalcoholic extract).

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