Year: 2019 | Month: February | Volume 9 | Issue 1

Study on Major Causes of Organs Condemnation and Financial Loss in Cattle Slaughtered at Hayik Municipal Abattoir

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  A cross- sectional study was conducted from October, 2016 to April, 2017 to identify and determine the major diseases and pathological conditions of organ condemnation and to estimate the magnitude of the direct financial losses attributed to the condemned organs from cattle slaughtered in the Hayik municipal abattoir. From a total of 384 animals, 61(15.88%) of animals antemortem inspection showed some clinical sign that were assumed as minor and attention was paid at postmortem examination of these animals. During post postmortem examination from 384 slaughtered animal liver 72 (18.75%) followed by lung 25 (6.5%), heart 17(4.4%), kidneys 18(4.68%) and tongue 18(4.68%) were rejected due to various causes. The main causes of organ condemnation were fasciolosis 24(33.33%) followed by calcification, abscess and hydrated cyst 12(16.67%), 12(16.67%) and 9(12.5%) respectively. An attempt also made to estimate the direct financial losses due to condemnation of edible organs during meat inspection. Consequently, annual direct financial loss from organ condemnation was estimated to be 3,736,231.25 Ethiopian Birr. The study identified the parasitic disease as major causes of organ condemnation. Therefore, creation of awareness on animal attendants and/or cattle owners and abattoir workers about the effect of parasites and safe disposal of condemned organs must be made and recommended as the findings showed that the rate of organ condemnation at the abattoir is very high which signifies the need for rapid disease control programs to be implemented.

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