Year: 2019 | Month: April | Volume 9 | Issue 2

Studies on Plastic Bezoar Ingestion in Free Range Axis Deer in Summer

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Present study was planned to conduct the prevalence of poly-bezoars and its effect on free range axis deer (Axis axis) in around Jabalpur, India. A retrospective study was conducted in and around Jabalpur, India for February to June 2017 to observe the prevalence of poly-bezoars in wild herbivores health. During the study period 19 post-mortem examination was conducted and in 4 cases (21.05%) showed poly-bezoar. The quantity of the poly-bezoars collected from the rumen and reticulum was ranging from 0.75 to 3.5 kg. The study identifies types and estimates the prevalence of foreign bodies in the rumen and reticulum of Axis deer. Awareness may be created on careless disposal of plastic bags and as well as the periodical cleaning of these wastes in the forest/grazing areas.

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