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Year: 2019 | Month: August | Volume 9 | Issue 4

Effectiveness and Performance of “Sexcel” - ABS Sexed Semen, in Dairy Heifers, Cows and Buffaloes in Field conditions in different Agro-Climatic Zones of India



To analyse the effect of sexed semen on different breeds used in artificial insemination following study was conducted using sexed semen from seven different breeds for artificial insemination in females. All bulls used for sexing by ABS India were genomically tested for Holstein and Jersey breeds. A total of 3034 inseminations with Sexcel were performed with 2589 inseminations in dairy cows and 445 in buffaloes. The conception rate of sexed semen using confirmative pregnancy diagnosis (using peri rectal examination) at 90 days post insemination both in cows and buffaloes was recorded. Sex of the calf was recorded after the birth in each case. The results of conception rate (CR) and pregnancy rate evaluation in different breeds were recorded. The results revealed the average conception rate of Sexcel semen is 49.1% (ranging from 45.1 to 55.3%) in cows and 42.7 % in buffaloes. These figures show a cumulative picture wherein sexed semen was used in animals of different parities (Both primiparous and pluriparous). The current study provides ample insights into the conception rate using sexed semen under various agro climatic conditions in different breeds. The study showed that sexed semen gives good conception in animals of one to three parities provided they are reproductively clean and possess good fertility.

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