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Year: 2019 | Month: October | Volume 9 | Issue 5

Study of Incidence of Reproductive Disorders in Murrah Buffaloes in Relation to Non- Genetic Factors through an Animal Model



The present investigation was carried out on 459 Murrah buffaloes affected with some reproductive problem with 618 calving records (out of total 1336 Murrah buffaloes) over a period of 12 years from 2007 to 2018 at GADVASU, Ludhiana. The overall incidence of dystocia, retention of placenta (ROP), anestrus, repeat breeding (RB),postpartum abnormal discharge (PPAD) and abortion w.r.t. total number of animals were 0.9, 0.3, 3.3, 9.3, 12.3, 13.3 and 6.2%, respectively and w.r.t. affected animals were 2.8, 9.8, 27, 35.7, 38.8 and 18.1%, respectively. Parity of calving had significant effect (P<0.05) on ROP and anestrus. Season had significant (P<0.05) effect on dystocia and ROP. Period had highly significant effect (P<0.01) on dystocia, anestrus, RB and abortion while significant effect on PPAD. Results indicated that incidence of RB, PPAD and ROP increases as the animal become older. Further incidence of dystocia are higher during first and last parities whereas incidence of anestrus are more during earlier parities (in heifers). Incidence of ROP and PPAD are more during rainy season. Incidence of dystocia and anestrus are more during winter season whereas incidence of abortion are more during summer season. Overall incidence revealed a reduction in reproductive disorders in latter periods showing progressive improvement in management of reproduction problems over period.

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