Year: 2013 | Month: June | volume 3 | Issue 1

Microbial quality of pork nuggets incorporated with fish flesh under refrigeration

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Abstract: <div>Meat nuggets were prepared with pork (80%) and fish flesh (20%) under</div><div>standardized processing conditions and were stored under refrigeration in</div><div>aerobically packaged conditions with control samples of control-I (100% pork) and control-II (100% fish flesh). The samples were taken at regular interval of 7 days and analyzed for the microbial quality. Total plate counts showed no significant difference between treatment and controls but showed increasing trend as storage period increased. The psychrotroph and coliform counts were not detected till 14th day in both controls and treatment but showed increasing trend as storage period increased further. Yeast and mold count were not detected till 21st day and on 28th day counts of treatment was lower than control II and higher than control I. The microbial counts of the product were within the permissible limits for aerobically packaged meat products. Thus based on microbial quality, the products were safe</div><div>for consumption up to 28 days of refrigerated (4±1OC) storage in LDPE pouches.</div>

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