Year: 2021 | Month: April | Volume 11 | Issue 2

Male Buffalo Calf: Potential Emerging Meat Animal- A Review

Surender Kumar Sanjay Yadav


With 109.85 million heads, India ranks first in world buffalo population. Because of its extremely nutritive milk, leaner meat and top draught power for wet conditions, buffalo proposes extreme ability for the enhancement of living standard of mankind. Buffaloes are well known for their diet versatility, remarkable defiance to disease and flexibility to a wide range of dwelling, feeding and managemental circumstances. Meat of buffalo calf; have no religious prohibitions and is lean and liked by most of the segments of populations. The meat obtained from young male buffalo calves has more tenderness than that from higher age and connective tissue in the meat contributes to its toughness. Despite, the little toughness of buffalo meat than corresponding beef owing to existence of substantial proportion of connective tissue in buffalo, yet emulsified products like sausages, patties, loaf, nuggets, patties etc. can be nicely prepared from buffalo meat. The deliciousness of buffalo calf meat is almost identical to that of buffalo meat. Thus, rescue of buffalo calf for meat production can enhance the employment, revenue and export prospective.


  • Buffalo calf meat have no religious prohibitions.
  • The meat of male buffalo broilers has more tenderness than aged buffaloes.

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