Year: 2021 | Month: April | Volume 11 | Issue 2

Association Analyses of Single Nucleotide Polymorphism in the Leptin Receptor Gene with Reproduction and Production Traits in High Yielding Indian Cow Breed

Vijay Pandey Rajesh Nigam Rambachan S.P. Singh Deepak Sharma


The present study was designed with the aim to identify the polymorphism of bovine leptin receptor gene and their association with production and reproduction traits in population of Sahiwal cows. Blood samples were collected from 69 Sahiwal cows and genomic DNA was harvested for analyzing the genetic polymorphism in LEPR gene by PCR-RFLP (LEPR/BseGI) method. The results revealed three genotypes CT, CC, and TT in the population with 47.83, 36.23 and 15.94% gentotypic frequency, respectively and two alleles C and T with 0.60 and 0.40 allelic frequency, respectively. The LEPR/BseGI assay revealed significant association of genetic polymorphism on LP, TMY, MY300, and PY in third lactation in Sahiwal cows while PCR-RFLP assay did not reveal association of genetic polymorphism on reproductive traits. In conclusion, SNP identified in the LEPR gene and its association with production traits advocates that this gene might serve as a candidate genetic marker for selection of Sahiwal cattle with better milk yield. However, further studies are needed to validate this SNP of the LEPR gene in another breed and population of dairy cattle and its association with other production and reproduction traits further needed to be verified.


  • Genetic polymorphism in LEPR gene analyzed in Sahiwal cattle.
  • Three genotypes CT, CC, and TT revealed 47.83, 36.23 and 15.94% gentotypic frequency, respectively
  • LEPR/BseGI showed association with LP, TMY, MY300, and PY traits.

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