Year: 2021 | Month: April | Volume 11 | Issue 2

Trace Minerals and Antioxidant Profile of Normo, Oligo and Ashthenozoospermic Crossbred Frieswal Bulls

Naimi Chand Shrikant Tyagi Ajayvir S. Sirohi Rajendra Prasad Megha Pande Ankur Sharma


The study was undertaken to assess the level of trace minerals, antioxidants and semen quality in normo, oligo and ashthenozoospermic breeding frieswal bulls. Semen samples were collected from breeding bulls (47) maintained at bull rearing unit of ICAR-Central Institute for Research on Cattle, Meerut. Trace minerals (Zn, Cu, Co and Fe) and oxidative stress parameters (SOD, Catalase and MDA) were determined in semen samples of breeding bulls. Sperm motility and concentration were measured in fresh ejaculates. The mean zinc and copper concentrations were significantly lower in blood and semen (p<0.05) in oligozoospermic and ashthenozoospermic bulls as compared to normozoospermic bulls. Cobalt and iron concentrations did not vary significantly in different group of breeding bulls. Significantly higher MDA and low SOD and catalase activities were present in seminal plasma of oligo and ashthenozoospermic bulls as compared to normozoospermic bulls. The MDA had significant negative correlation with motility (p<0.05, r = -0.303) and sperm concentration (p<0.001, r = -0.473) while SOD and Catalase had significant positive correlation with initial sperm motility (p<0.05, r = 0.273; p<0.001, r = 0.435) and sperm concentration (p<0.001, r = 0.575; p<0.001, r = 0.631). The study concluded that oligozoospermia and asthenozoospermia are associated with an increased MDA concentration and decreased activities of SOD and Catalase in the seminal plasma of breeding bulls. Present findings suggested that determination of antioxidant status of semen during infertility investigation seems to be useful.


  • Oligo and ashthenozoospermia are associated with increased oxidative stress in bulls.
  • Estimation of semen antioxidants may be useful during fertility investigation in bulls.

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