Year: 2013 | Month: June | volume 3 | Issue 1

Isolation, plasmid profiling and antibiogram of Salmonella from poultry meat and environmental sources

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Abstract: <div>Salmonella is an important zoonotic pathogen and its prevalence in the animals acts as a continuous threat to man. The present study was carried out to report the isolation along with the serotypes, phage types and antibiogram pattern of Salmonella among poultry meat and environmental sources in the India. A total of two hundred samples from poultry meat (100), poultry feaces (100) were processed for the isolation of Salmonella. All the isolates were subjected to antibiogram studies against 16 antimicrobials. Representative isolates of isolated Salmonella were phage typed. Out of two hundred samples only three (one poultry meat and two poultry feaces) were positive for Salmonella. The confirmed isolates were subjected to serotyping at National Salmonella Centre (Vet), India. The results indicated that S. Rough was found in poultry meat and <i>S. Typhimurium </i>and <i>S.Berta</i> was found in poultry feaces. A plasmid of 21 kb was consistence in all the isolates. All the isolates obtained in the present study were subjected to antimicrobial susceptibility testing against 16 different antibiotics employing disk</div><div>diffusion technique in which ampicillin and sulphafurazole showed 100%</div><div>resistance in comparison to furazolidone. On the other hand all isolates were</div><div>sensitive to nalidixic acid. Highest level of antimicrobial resistance was recorded for isolates from poultry feaces. Fifty percent or more resistance was observed among these isolates for as many as 5 antimicrobials including sulphafurazole (100%), colistin (100%), ampicillin (100%), co-trimaxazole (50%) and furazolidone (50%).</div>

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