Year: 2013 | Month: June | volume 3 | Issue 1

Sero-Epidemiological and Therapeutic Aspects of Brucellosis (Brucella Abortus) in Cattle & Buffaloes

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Abstract: <div>The present study was envisaged to record the seroprevalence of brucellosis in cattle and buffaloes in Chhattisgarh, India by employing the three serological tests viz. Rose Bengal Plate Test (RBPT), Standard Tube Agglutination Test (STAT) and Indirect-Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay (I-ELISA) and to compare their sensitivity and specificity. The study also aimed to assess the therapeutic efficacy of combination of long acting oxytetracycline and streptomycin in brucellosis infected cattle. A total of 250 serum samples; 176 from cattle and 74 from buffaloes were screened for presence of Brucella antibodies by RBPT, STAT and Indirect ELISA. The overall seroprevalence of brucellosis in Chhattisgarh state of India by RBPT, STAT and I-ELISA was 13.0% 19.8% and 31.2% respectively in cattle whereas 16.2%, 14.8% and 20.2% respectively in buffaloes.</div><div>Cattle of &gt;6 years age group showed highest seroprevalence followed by 4-6 years and lowest in 0-2 years age group. On the contrary, buffaloes of 4-6 years age group showed highest seroprevalence followed by &gt;6 years age group. Seroprevalence was higher in crossbred than indigenous cattle and more in female animals in cattle and buffaloes. Sensitivity of RBPT and STAT was recorded 47.14% and 57.14%, while specificity was recorded 98.88% and 96.11% respectively. Thus, STAT was found to be more sensitive but less specific than RBPT. In this study, overall agreement of RBPT and STAT with ELISA was found to be 84.4% and 85.2% respectively. The therapeutic study of brucella infected animals revealed that long acting oxytetracycline and streptomycin combination had a significant decrease in the antibody titre on the 30th day of post treatment.</div>

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