Year: 2021 | Month: October | Volume 11 | Issue 5

Effect of Area Specific Minerals Supplementation and Deworming on Productive and Reproductive Performance of Lactating Buffalo

S.C. Kantwa Y.K. Meena S.S. Shekhawat Ram Pratap S.D. Samota


The present study was conducted to demonstrate the effect of area specific mineral mixture supplementation and deworming on the productive, reproductive performance and economics of lactating buffalo. Demonstration was conducted on 200 buffaloes of nearly at the same lactation stage, milk yield and parity selected from three Blocks- namely Kotputli, Viratnagar and Jamuaragarh, District- Jaipur, Rajasthan. Buffaloes were divided in two group; 100 buffaloes were kept in each group viz. control (T1) and demonstrated Group (T2). Two buffaloes of each farmer were selected to maintain similarity in feeding and management practice. Demonstrated Group (T2) was fed with area specific mineral mixture @ 50 gm/buffalo/day till 100 days of early lactation period and 1 ivermectin (80 mg) bolus , whereas the control group (T1) was not supplemented. The data were recorded by the farmers daily in the morning and evening and by the researcher at monthly interval. Analysis of data revealed that supplementation of area specific mineral mixture and ivermectin bolus increased the milk yield by 1.57 litres/ day (17.15%) in demonstrated group. Similarly, reproductive performance traits such as onset of first estrum after calving, No. of AI required for conception and Service period were also recorded at the same interval between these groups. The B:C ratio of area specific mineral mixture supplementation and ivermectin bolus was observed 1:14.7 under farmer management practices. These findings may suggest that supplementation of area specific mineral mixture and deworming with ivermectin enhanced the productive and reproductive performance for getting higher return and sustainable profit from buffalo farming.


  • Parasitic infestation influences feed intake, weight gain, milk production and reproductive performances of buffalo.
  • Supplementation of minerals and deworming increases milk yield and animal health.

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