Year: 2021 | Month: October | Volume 11 | Issue 5

Effect of Replacing Groundnut Cake with Dried Distillers’ Grains with Solubles (DDGS) on Nutrient Utilization Efficiency of Magra Lambs

Umesh Kumar Prajapat T. Sharma2 Nirmala Saini Bhupendra Kaswan


Non conventional feed resources are gaining importance in livestock feeding for reducing gap between demand and supply of feeds. DDGS is an agro industrial by product and it is obtained during ethanol production. It is most economic protein feed (crude protein 43.11%) for livestock feeding and it can be used as replacement of traditional protein feeds like groundnut meal and soybean meal. In current study, a feeding trial followed by metabolism trial of seven days was conducted on twenty 3-4 months old male Magra lambs at the sheep farm of ARC-CSWRI, Bikaner under “Network Project on Sheep Improvement of Magra Sheep” during period of May to July of year 2019 following randomized block design while dividing them into four groups of 5 lambs in each (T1-T4). In metabolism trial animals were harnessed with faecal bags and urine collection devices and samples of feed stuffs and their residues were collected individually for all the animals for chemical analysis. The faecal and urine samples for 24 hours were collected for analysis. The results revealed significant (P<0.05) effect of incorporation of DDGS on dry matter and crude protein digestibility, whereas the digestibility of OM, EE, CF, NFE, NDF, ADF and HC found to be non-significant among various treatment groups.


  • Dry matter and crude protein digestibility was significantly higher in DDGS incorporated groups.
  • Dried distillers grains with solubles i.e. DDGS can be incorporated in lamb ration up to level of 15%.

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