Year: 2021 | Month: October | Volume 11 | Issue 5

Age related Anatomical Changes in Acetabulum and its Cartilage in Buffalo (Bubalus bubalis)

Ranjith Kumar Sundari Pramod Kumar Damaraju Purushotham Gudepu Lakshman Mekala E.L. Chandrashekhar


Acetabular articular cartilage was not differentiated in prenatal group. Acetabular AC in post natal groups was well differentiated and continuous on anterio-lateral and caudo-lateral aspects i.e., towards ilium and ischium respectively, whereas at medial part i.e., towards pubis it was separated on either side. Mean AC thickness of acetabulum at three points showed slight variation. Overall average width of acetabular AC increased with age viz., 23.85 mm to 28.95 mm in Gr- IV, whereas the dimensions of acetabulum like the diameter and depth revealed a steady increase with advancing age. In Gr-I they were 0.35 cm and 0.4 cm which increased up to 5.38 cm and 4.11 cm in Gr – IV respectively. Irregular erosions towards centre of acetabulum were seen on AC surface in aged specimens of groups III and IV.


  • Variation in the articular cartilage morphology with the age in Buffaloes
  • Variation in the thickness and cartilage width of AC acetabulum with the age in Buffaloes.
  • Variation in diameter and depth of the acetabulum with the age

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