Year: 2021 | Month: October | Volume 11 | Issue 5

Histochemistry and Angiogenesis in Thyroid Gland of Prenatal Indian Buffalo

Jatinderveer Kaur Billing Opinder Singh Devendra Pathak R.S. Sethi


The present study was conducted on buffalo foetuses (n=19) ranging from 7.4 (62 days) to 108 cm (317 days) curved crown rump length (CVRL) to elucidate distribution of various histochemical moieties. The foetuses were divided into three groups based on CVRL. The content of neutral mucopolysaccharides was weak to moderate in Group I in parenchyma. The basement membrane of follicles was Periodic Acid Schiff (PAS) positive with colloid material in few follicles indicating the beginning of appearance of colloid containing neutral mucopolysaccharides. The developing capsule in Group I showed positive reaction for acid mucopolysaccharides. The follicular epithelium showed mixed reaction for mucopolysaccharides. In Group 2 connective tissue strands in the interfollicular space were positive for acid mucopolysaccharides. Intrafollicular colloid showed differential moderate to strong reaction for positive for neutral mucopolysaccharides and resorption vacuoles appeared at this stage. In Group III colloid was intensely PAS positive whereas follicular epithelium showed mixed reaction for mucopolysaccharides. The capsule was intensely positive for acid mucopolysaccharides. The lipid content was weak in all the groups, Protein content showed a progressive increase with increase in gestational age. Immunohistochemical studies on angiogenesis revealed progressive increase in number and size of blood vessels along with gestational age. The distribution of various histochemical moieties and angiogenesis reflected the physiological and development requirements during prenatal development.


  • Immunohistochemical markers were used to study the angiogenesis in prenatal thyroid of buffalo.
  • The distribution of histochemical moieties and angiogenesis were correlated with physiological and developmental requirements.

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