Year: 2021 | Month: October | Volume 11 | Issue 5

Dietary Micro-Nutrients Supplementation in the Ration of Transition Crossbred Cows Influences the Growth Performance and Hemato-Biochemical Parameters of Newborn Calves

Anil Rathor R.K. Jain M.K. Mehta Anchal Keshri


The present work was planned to access the effect of dietary micronutrient supplementation to the transition crossbred cows affecting the performance of newborn calves. Twenty healthy advanced pregnant crossbred cows (average body weight 408.25 ±12.93 kg) reared under similar conditions were selected randomly and divided into two equal groups. Control cows fed
on the existing ration while the treatment cows additionally fed with antioxidant micronutrients (trace minerals Cu and Zn with vitamin A and E) as per the recommendations. Experimental feeding was started about two months pre-partum till two months post-partum. The influence of dietary micro-nutrients supplementation in transition crossbred cows was judged by measuring birth weight, fortnightly body weight, and some haemato-biochemical parameters of their calves. The mean birth weight (kgs) of calves was higher (P=0.06) in the treatment group (34.15±0.88) as compared to the control group values (32.08±1.55). Bodyweight at the termination of the experimental feeding though remained statistically comparable between the two groups but high in treatment (53.25±1.67 kg) than in the control (49.75 ±1.61 kg) group. The hematological parameters i.e. Hb (g/dl) was 9.53±0.53 and 11.03±0.70; total leukocytes count (×103 mm-3) 9.64±0.35 and 9.01±0.55 and percentages of neutrophil 34.67±1.94 and 29.33±1.67, lymphocyte 63.50±2.0 and 68.83±1.89, monocyte remained 2.00±0.68 and 1.67±0.33% in un-supplemented and supplemented group, respectively without any significant difference between two groups. It may be
concluded that supplementation of antioxidant micro-nutrients in the transition dairy cow’s ration was unable to influence the growth and hemato-biochemical parameters in their calves.


  • Study focused on effect of dietary supplementation of Cu and Zn with vitamin A and E to the transition crossbred cows.
  • Effect of dietary micronutrient supplementation of Cu and Zn with vitamin A and E did not effect birth weight, fortnightly body weight, and some haemato-biochemical parameters of calves.

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