Year: 2021 | Month: October | Volume 11 | Issue 5

Phenotypic Characterization of Non-descript Cattle of Mahakaushal Region of Madhya Pradesh

Mona Sharma Mohan Singh Thakur Shrikant Joshi1 Madhu Sudhan Tantia Rekha Sharma Ajit Pratap Singh Akhilesh Pandey Vaishali Khare Rajesh Kumar Vandre Asad Khan


The present research work was carried out in Jabalpur, Mandla, Dindori and Seoni districts of Mahakaushal region of Madhya Pradesh and total of 1121 animal were used for phenotypic characterization, where adult male, adult female, male calf and female calf was 184, 817, 40 and 80 in numbers, respectively. The cattle population of Mahakaushal region had mostly white and grey skin and coat colour; muzzle and eyelid colour was black. Tail switch, hooves and horn colour was mostly black. Horn orientation was towards upward and forward with straight orientation. Ear position was horizontal. Forehead was flat and triangular. Hump, dewlap and udder was small in size with round shape teats. Animals were mostly of ferocious nature and had alert temperament. Phenotypic characterization findings of the present study revealed that the non-descript cattle population of Mahakaushal region is a unique descriptive breed of Madhya Pradesh and can be registered as new breed of cattle. These findings will be used for conservation and designing breeding strategy for genetic improvement.


  • The cattle have a small size body with mostly grey and white coat and skin colour.
  • The muzzle, eyelids, hooves, horns and tail-switch are the mostly black colour.
  • It is a first preliminary data on genetic diversity of population of cattle in Mahakaushal region of Madhya Pradesh.

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