Year: 2013 | Month: June | volume 3 | Issue 1

Characterization of New MHC (Bubu) -DQB Allele in Buffalo

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Abstract: <div>A partial 517 nucleotide long DQB cDNA was amplified and sequenced from water buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) and was named as Bubu-DQB*2. The</div><div>Bubu-DQB*2 showed 96.6% and 92% homologies with cattle (BoLA)-DQB2 and -DQB1 sequences, respectively, whereas 95.6, 96, 90.3, 86 and 90% homologies with sheep, goat, pig, dog and human, respectively. The Bubu-DQB*2 showed 20 nucleotide changes including eight as non-synonymous substitutions compared with Bubu-DQB allele already reported. Phylogenetic analysis revealed that the Bubu-DQB*2 evolved earlier to the diversification of common DQB alleles of ruminants. New Bubu-DQB*2 allele might be vital to produce specific presenting molecule, which can recognise different pathogens in buffaloes.</div>

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