Year: 2022 | Month: June | Volume 12 | Issue 3

Anatomical Studies on the Reticulum and Reticular Groove of Non-Descript Goats of Jammu Region

Jasvinder Singh Sasan Shalini Suri Kamal Sarma


The present study was carried on six stomach samples from adult apparently healthy non-descript goats. Reticulum was spherical in outline and separated from rumen by a distinct rumino-reticular groove. Mucosa of the reticulum formed typical honeycomb shaped cells which were smaller near reticular groove as compared to the cells towards the floor of the organ. The cells towards the floor of reticulum were sub-divided by secondary and tertiary crests which were absent from the cells towards the reticular groove. Histologically, reticulum consisted of tunica mucosa, tunica submucosa, tunica muscularis and tunica serosa. Lamina epithelia consisted of keratinized stratified squamous epithelium. Lamina muscularis mucosae was present only at the tip of primary reticular crests. Tunica muscularis consisted of inner circular and outer longitudinal layers of smooth muscle layers. At reticular groove, tunica muscularis presented middle oblique muscular layer. The thickness of epithelium was significantly higher at floor of reticulum than towards oesophageal groove. Outer muscular layer was thicker than inner muscular layer towards oesophageal groove whereas at floor, inner muscular layer was thicker. Towards the level of reticulo-omasal opening, the floor of the reticular groove presented papillae resembling the claws of a small bird. The entire reticular groove and its lips were lined by stratified squamous keratinized epithelium. Lamina muscularis mucosae was incomplete and seen mainly in the lips of reticular groove. The floor of groove presented transverse smooth muscle fibers whereas lips contained thick longitudinal smooth muscle fibers.


  • The honeycomb shaped cells were smaller near reticular groove.
  • Histologically, lamina muscularis mucosae was present only at the tip of primary reticular crests
  • Tunica muscularis consisted of two layers of smooth muscle but at reticular groove, tunica muscularis had three muscle layers.

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