Year: 2022 | Month: June | Volume 12 | Issue 3

Effect of Supplementation of Mineral Mixtures on Haematological and Serum Mineral Profile in Beetal Kids

Ritu V.S. Panwar B.S. Tewatia Jyotsana Anjali Arya


Sixteen healthy male Beetal goat kids of three months old were selected and divided into 2 groups of eight animals each in order to assess the comparative efficacy of feeding university (LUVAS) prepared mineral mixture and commercial mineral mixture on haematological parameters and serum mineral profile of kids. Animals were maintained on green fodder available at that time, gram straw, concentrate mixture comprising of maize, GNC and barley. Concentrate mixture was supplemented with university (LUVAS) prepared mineral mixture fed to group-1 and in group-2 concentrate mixture was supplemented with commercial mineral mixture. Haematological parameters like haemoglobin, total leucocyte count, differential leucocyte count and total erythrocyte count and serum parameters like triglyceride, cholesterol, high density lipid and low density lipid were found similar and no significant differences were found in between the treatment groups. Serum calcium, phosphorus, zinc, iron and copper mineral profiles were found better in university (LUVAS) prepared mineral mixture supplemented group than commercial mineral mixture supplemented group. It can be concluded from this study that better absorption of minerals was found in university supplemented mineral mixture.


  • Inclusion of mineral mixture did not show any significant effect on haematological parameters.
  • Serum calcium, phosphorus, zinc and copper mineral profiles in kids were found better.

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