Year: 2022 | Month: June | Volume 12 | Issue 3

Histological and Histochemical Studies on Uterus of Adult Bakerwali Goat in Different Phases of Estrous Cycle

Rabab Saleem Shalini Suri Khan Idrees Mohd


The uterus (horns and body) was lined with the simple columnar to pseudostratified columnar epithelium. The mean height of the epithelium was less in follicular phase. The mean epithelial height of corpus uteri was higher than that of cornua uteri irrespective of the phase of estrous cycle but mean epithelial height was more in luteal phase than in follicular phase both in body and horn. The lining epithelium showed strong reaction for Alcian Blue. The intense PAS positivity was seen at supranuclear zone of glandular epithelium and at basement membrane. Mild lipid and cholesterol reaction was seen at apical and basal borders of lining epithelium. Endometrial glands were lined by simple columnar epithelium. In some cases these glands penetrate and reached upto stratum vasculare. Proliferation of endometrial glands were seen in follicular phase whereas in luteal phase the endometrial glands became compact and were seen in secretory phase both in uterine horns and uterine body. The glandular epithelium height also increased and showed apical blebs in the luteal phase of the cycle in Bakerwali goat. The lumina of glands in luteal phase were engorged with secretions. The luminal diameter decreased in luteal phase in both uterine horn and body. Mucosal folds were in close apposition to each other in cornua uteri as compared to corpus uteri. Endometrial glands were more in corpus uteri than in cornua uteri. The thickness of tunica muscularis was significantly higher in luteal phase and increased towards the uterine body.


  • The height of the epithelium was less in follicular phase and increased towards the corpus uteri.
  • Proliferation of endometrial glands was seen in follicular phase.

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