Year: 2013 | Month: June | volume 3 | Issue 1

Antibiotic resistance pattern among different Listeria species isolated from mutton and chevon

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Abstract: <div>In the present study, Listeria were isolated and confirmed from 50 mutton and 50 chevon samples and their antibiotic resistance pattern was studied against 18</div><div>commonly used antibiotics. Out of 100 samples 4 Listeria isolates are evealed )</div><div>resistance against cephotaxime and cloxacillin. Similarily, resistance was observed to cephotaxime, chloramphenicol, cloxacillin and oxytetracycline among two <i>L. welshimeri</i> isolates isolates) whereas <i>L. innocua</i> isolates were resistant resistant to cephotaxime, cefoperazone, cloxacillin, oxytetracycline and gentamicin. Potential transmission of multidrug-resistant from food animals to humans is a serious concern in zoonotic pathogens like Listeria</div>

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