Year: 2022 | Month: October | Volume 12 | Issue 5

Comparative Study Targeting Differentially Expressed Genes Related to Metabolic Response, Skeletal System and Body Growth in Postnatal Fat Tissue of Adult Large White Yorkshire and Non-Descript Pig Breed of Punjab

Dalbir Singh Simrinder Singh Sodhi C.S. Mukhopadhyay R.S. Sethi


Fat is a significant factor that influences the quality of pork. In carcass, subcutaneous fat accounts for the maximum percentage of fat. Since subcutaneous fat is negatively correlated with the quality of pork as increased level of subcutaneous fat decreases the Intramuscular fat (IMF) content. Thus, reducing the fat percentage has become a major goal. Current study was designed with an objective to investigate the comparative expression analysis of differentially expressed genes (COL2A1, COL9A1, PNPLA3, PDK4 and FASN) in fat tissue of Large White Yorkshire (LWY) and non-descript pig breed. Real-time qPCR was utilized for identifying the differential expression of genes. Results from current study revealed a significant lower expression of COL2A1 (p<0.01) and PDK4 (p<0.05) in non-descript pigs, indicating toward poor growth and lesser active metabolic response. However, a higher expression of COL9A1 (p<0.05), PNPLA3 (p<0.05), and FASN (p<0.01) is observed in non-descript pigs indicating high fat development in non-descript pigs. Therefore, current results suggests higher fat deposition in non-descript breed which may be because of lesser active metabolic response. Current study is the first report to differentiate between LWY and non-descript breed on the basis of differential expression of mRNA transcript in fat tissue. Results generated by current study can further be used for targeting other candidate genes for fat development in pigs. Furthermore, genes used in current study can be subjected to use as biomarker for selection, development and promoting lean meat production in non-descript pigs.


  • Focused to understand key genes involved in higher fat development in non-descript pigs.
  • Genes under study are key DEGs related to metabolic response, skeletal system and body growth.

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