Year: 2022 | Month: October | Volume 12 | Issue 5

Physico-chemical and Sensory Attributes of Traditional Pork Products Incorporated with Anishi at Refrigerated Storage (4±1oC) Under Vacuum Packaging

H.M. Sangtam S.K. Laskar R. Thomas A. Das


The present study was conducted to evaluate the physicochemical parameters, microbial quality and sensory attributes of ready-to-eat pork with Anishi (Colocasia esculenta [L] Schott), a traditional pork item of Nagalandup to 15 days of refrigerated storage at (4±1oC) that was kept under vacuum packaging. A significant decrease in pH, moisture and crude protein was observed with an increasing storage period. However, no significant difference in overall days mean was observed from 0 to 15 days of storage. A significant (p<0.01) increase in TBARS value and tyrosine value was observed with an increase in the storage period. Microbiological counts increased with the advancement of the storage period. However, throughout the storage period, all microbial counts were within the acceptable limits of pork with Anishi. The product did not show any symptoms of spoilage such as off odour and surface slime on day 15 of storage and was acceptable for sensory quality up to 15 days of refrigerated storage under vacuum packaging. Thus, the present study indicates that vacuum packaging could be used to improve the shelf-life of traditional pork products incorporated with Anishi.


  • Vacuum packaging was found to have a definite advantage in preserving the sensory quality.
  • The optimum self-life of pork products with Anishi at refrigerated temperature with vacuum packaging was found to be 15 days.

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