Year: 2023 | Month: February | Volume 13 | Issue 1

Effect of Ultrasound and Oil Palm (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.) Fronds Extract on Quality Characteristics of Marinated Goat Meat

Rabiatul Adawiyah Mohd Sobri Nurul Husna Mohammad Fuad Fakhrullah Abd Halim Pavan Kumar Muideen Ahmed Adewale Md. Moklesur Rahman Ismail Fitry Mohammad Rashedi Awis Qurni Sazili


The present study was conducted to evaluate the effect of ultrasound and aqueous extract of oil palm fronds (OPF) powder on the quality attributes of ultrasonic-assisted marinated (UAM) goat meat. The OPF extraction was carried out at powder to solvent (filtered water) of 1:7.5 w/v ratio and ultrasound application (37-kHz frequency, 150 W power at 40°C temperature for 20 min). The goat meat marination was done by applying ultrasonic treatment (280 W power, 37 kHz frequency, 30 min below 10°C) and adding 1.0% OPF extract viz., Control (marinade without extract and no ultrasonication), T1 (marinade with 1.0% OPF extract, no ultrasonication), T2 (marinade with ultrasonication), and T3 (marinade with 1.0% OPF extract and ultrasonication). The samples were analysed on day 0 (immediately after 30 min) and were stored under refrigeration and evaluated for various quality parameters on 1 and 3 days. The ultrasonic and extract incorporation resulted in a significant (p<0.05) increase in marinade pick-up and a significant (p<0.05) decrease in shear force value. Ultrasonic application (T2 and T3 samples) resulted in a higher cooking loss as compared to control and T1 on day 0 but the cooking loss of all treated samples was comparable on day 3 of refrigerated storage. The ultrasound and extract incorporation improved the appearance, flavour, and tenderness of the goat meat. Thus, the ultrasonic application for 30 min with 1.0% OPF extract in the marinade improved the quality attributes of marinated goat meat.

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