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Year: 2014 | Month: December | Volume 4 | Issue 2

Biotechnological Approach to Improve the Nutritional Availability in Livestock and Consequence for Reduction the Environment Pollution by Implement of Transgenic Phytase in Animal Feed

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Phytases are hydrolytic enzymes that initiate the release of phosphate from phytate In recent years the application of the phytase enzyme have been studied intensively. Phytase enzymes have a wide distribution in plants, microorganisms, and in some animal tissues. Many strategies have been developed for improving phosphate and mineral availability in feed. However in recent years, expression of transgenic microbial phytase in plants can be successfully applied as animal feed supplementation for innovative means of delivering phytases to non-ruminants to inflation of bioavailability of mineral such as calcium, magnesium, zinc copper, enhance the utilization of phytate bounded phosphorus and reduce P pollution of animal excreta. Moreover, improved biotechnological processes in the production of transgeneic plant contain microbial phytase can eliminate the costs associated with phytase production, purification, and supplementation for commercial use. In current study we discussed about the comprehensive descriptions on source of phytase, expression profiling and their potential application in animal feed. Hence it is concluded that molecular farming in the production from microbial sources of stable phytase in feed could open a new venture for commercial purposes.

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