R.S. Sethi' s Articles

Differential Expression Profiling of Myogenic Regulatory Factor Genes in Postnatal Longissimus dorsi Muscle of Indigenous and Large White Yorkshire Breeds of Pigs 10.30954/2277-940X.01.2021.2
Histochemistry and Angiogenesis in Thyroid Gland of Prenatal Indian Buffalo 10.30954/2277-940X.05.2021.22
An Animal Model to Visualize Differential Expression of Genes Related to Metabolic Process and Immune Reaction between Large White Yorkshire (LWY) and Indigenous Pigs of Punjab 10.30954/2277-940X.06.2021.2
A Porcine Model to Study the Differential Expression of Myogenic Regulatory Factors (MRFs) in Piglets vis-a-vis Adult Pigs of Indigenous and Large White Yorkshire Breeds 10.30954/2277-940X.05.2022.10

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