Surender Kumar' s Articles

Assessment of Pre-Monsoon and Monsoon Groundwater Level and Fluctuation at Regional Level in South of Haryana; Reference to Rewari District 10.30954/2322-0465.2.2020.5
Influence of Biopreservatives and Vacuuming Packaging on Sensory Quality of Milk Solids based Khoa during Frozen Storage (-18±2 °C) 10.30954/2277-940X.06.2020.19
Effect of Partial Substitution of Sodium Chloride with Potassium Chloride on Quality Characteristics of Buffalo Calf Meat Rolls 10.30954/2277-940X.01.2021.15
Impact of Bio-preservatives on Sensory Quality of Milk Solids Incorporated Khoa Stored at Room Temperature (23±2°C) 10.30954/2277-940X.01.2021.23
Male Buffalo Calf: Potential Emerging Meat Animal- A Review 10.30954/2277-940X.02.2021.1

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