Article Processing Charges
All articles published in our journal are open access and freely available online, immediately upon publication. The Procesing fee is in order to meet the expenses like Online tools for Editors and Authors,  Publication of the manuscript, Communicating with abstracting and indexing services, Plagiarism Checker Tool, Digital Preservation and many more. So, in order to get the cost of Publication, the author, Institution or agency pay a modest fee to help cover the actual cost of the essential final step of publication. he APC, payable when your manuscript is editorially accepted and before publication, is charged to either you, or your funder, institution or employer.
Manuscript handling charges: Rs 4000/ $275
How Do Author Pay the Fee?
1. Online Submission by using the Pay Now Button
2. Directly Depositing the amount to our bank account Details Below
When the Article Processing Charges needs to Pay?
The APC for an article needs to pay only after the Review Completed, Accepted by the Editorial Commitee and after the Acceptance. There is no Submission Charges.
Article Waiver Policy
Please refer to the Policy section for Article Waiver Policy for Economically Weaker section.
Low Income Country- APC is still applicable?
We will provide a waiver or dicsount if you are based in a country which is classified by the World Bank as a low-income or a lower-middle-income economy.
Article Processing Charges Refund Policy?
We will refund  the article Processing charges if an error on our part has resulted in a failure to publish an article under the open access terms selected by the authors. This may include the failure to make an article openly available on the journal platform, or publication of an article under a different Creative Commons licence from that selected by the author(s). A refund will only be offered if these errors have not been corrected within 30 days of publication.
Note : APCs will not be refunded when articles are retracted as a result of author error or misconduct.

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