Year: 2017 | Month: February | Volume 7 | Issue 1

Semen Characteristics and Spermatozoa Biometry of Different Varieties of Guinea Fowls

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A total of twelve male guinea fowls, from each of pearl, white, white breasted and lavender varieties aged eight months were selected based on their phenotypic characters, and trained for semen collection by abdominal massage technique. The semen was analyzed for colour, volume, spermatozoa motility (%), spermatozoa concentration, live and abnormal spermatozoa(%). Further, spermatozoa biometry was studied by using transmission electron microscopy. Significantly higher semen volume (0.041±0.005 ml) and spermatozoa concentration (2497.78±87.17×106) was found with white breasted variety of guinea fowl. Higher percent live spermatozoa (88.03±0.93) and lower spermatozoa abnormality (10.11±1.36) were observed in semen of pearl guinea fowls but the volume and spermatozoa concentration were the least among the four varieties. Spermatozoa biometry studies showed significantly higher head midpiece and tail length in white breasted variety as compared to other varieties. The total length of spermatozoa of white breasted variety was more than double the length, than observed with the spermatozoa of white and lavender variety of guinea fowls. The study concluded that the spermatozoa of white breasted variety were robust with better seminal parameters, long head, comparable longer midpiece and strikingly longer tail.

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