Year: 2022 | Month: June | Volume 12 | Issue 3

Application of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) with β-Tricalcium Phosphate (β-TCP) and Demineralized Bone Matrix (DBM) in Healing of Bone Tissues in Rabbits

Suman Kalita Parsha Jyoti Nath Chandan Kr Singh Nikhil Ch Nath Biswajit Dutta


In the present study, bone healing efficacy of autologous Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) with β-Tricalcium Phosphate (β-TCP) and Demineralised Bone Matrix (DBM) was evaluated in induced radial defect in rabbits. Eighteen rabbits divided equally into three groups, where PRP with β-TCP and DBM were applied in Group II & III respectively; while Group I was kept as control. The haematological parameters showed non-significant variation within physiological limit. The serum biochemistry analysis revealed significant elevation of Serum Alkaline Phosphatase on, 15th and 30th day; Serum Creatinine Kinase on 5th day; Serum Calcium on 30th day and Serum Phosphorus level in entire period in all the groups. Radiographs taken on 20th day revealed feathery/ cloudy bony growth in Group I and radio-opaque dense granular density was observed in Group II & III. On 40th day, Group I revealed even bony proliferation; while in Group II & III, large amount of radio-opaque granular tissue was observed along the bony defect. On 60th day radiographs showed incomplete bridging of fractured ends in Group I & III; however complete union was observed in Group II. Histopathological examination of the bone tissues revealed prominent osteoblastic activity in both treated groups. Based on the results it is concluded that application of PRP + β-TCP and DBM had little haematological changes; biochemical alterations were indicative of healing of bone. Radiological and histopathological evaluations were suggestive of better result with PRP + β-TCP when compared to DBM application in surgical reconstruction of radial bone defects.


  • PRP with β-TCP) and DBM application encouraged long bone healing.
  • PRP with β-TCP) and DBM application in the long bone fracture site does not alter adversely the haemato-biochemical profile of blood.

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