Year: 2023 | Month: April | Volume 13 | Issue 2

Effect of Chicken Breed and Lychee Peel Aqueous Extract on the Proximate and Other Properties of Generated Meat Patties

Ankita Pal 1* Ashok Malik Surender Kumar Deeapk Chopra Sumnil Marwah Tripti Bhatia


This study was conducted to develop cobb and kadaknath chicken meat patties by incorporating Lychee fruit peel extract(LFPE) and study the effects on physicochemical and nutritional quality of developed products. Kadaknath patties had significantly higher protein percentage and less fat percentage. Cobb patties had significantly higher cooking yield than kadaknath patties. Total phenolics content of LFPR treated patties was significantly higher than control. The lightness, redness and yellowness value of kadaknath patties were significantly lower than cobb patties. The lightnesss value of LFPE treated cobb patties were significantly lower than BHT and control patties. The hardness value of kadaknath patties were non significantly higher than cobb patties. No significant difference was noticed in hardness values between control, BHT and extract treated patties. No significant difference was shown in chewiness, springiness, gumminess and cohesiveness values of kadaknath and cobb patties, No difference was shown after incorporation of LFPE. It is concluded that incorporation of 15 ml lychee peel aqueous extract per 100 g of kadaknath and cobb chicken meat resulted in the production of healthier patties with higher total phenolic content. Lychee extract provides better protection against oxidative rancidity and can be used as a replacement of synthetic antioxidants like BHT. The physic-chemical parameters did not differ majorly among kadaknath and cobb patties except for the cooking yield.


  • The fat percentage of kadaknath patties was significantly lower and protein percentage was significantly higher than cobb patties.
  • LFPE treated patties had better Total phenolics and TBA score.

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