Year: 2023 | Month: August | Volume 13 | Issue 4

Performance of Poultry Farmers in the Agricultural Sector: A Case of the Poultry Farmers in the Municipality of Odiongan, Romblon

Ken N. Falculan Cherelyn S. Aungon


The results of this research describe the perceptions of poultry farmers regarding their level of satisfaction with the availability of transport, land, interest, feed supply, market, foundation stock, finance, water, and pricing body by presenting the relationship between each of the selected societal characteristics of the poultry farmers and their perceptions of the performance of the poultry industry. The analysis revealed that market conditions and financing decisions were outstanding to poultry growers. Furthermore, the findings resulted that poultry producers lack the required production capabilities. These abilities include the competence to establish and maintain an appropriate temperature, timely disease detection, timely stress detection, timely stress reduction, timely disease eradication, and timely categorization of death caused by feed/nutrition. The study emphasizes the need for local poultry farmers to consider participating in a program of exchanging highly skilled experts with neighboring areas to give poultry extension officers and poultry farmers the knowledge and skills required to manage a modern poultry system.


  • Determination of the factors affecting performance of the poultry farmers in the agricultural sector.
  • Perceptions of poultry farmers regarding how skilled they are when performing poultry (egg and meat) production skills.
  • Technology training and adaptation of the new technology to develop skills on poultry management.

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