Year: 2023 | Month: August | Volume 13 | Issue 4

Study on Effect of Hydroponic Maize Fodder on Performance of Bengal Goat

A. Roy A. Shee A.K. Saren S. Datta P. Sarkar


The objective of that trial was to explore the effect of hydroponic maize (HM) feeding on the performance of Bengal goat. A total of 18 nos. of Bengal goats were divided into two groups used in a feeding trial. The Control group was fed a total mixed ration diet while the goats of the second group were fed similar ration except that maize grain was 100% replaced by HM for 70 days of feeding trial. Goats were fed ad libitum feed and fresh water twice daily. Daily feed offered and feed refusals were measured, while the body weight gain was recorded weekly, and feed conversion ratio (FCR) was determined. Results of the trial interpreted that HM had a positive effect on feed intake, final body weight, total weight gain, average daily gain, and FCR on Bengal goats when compared with the goats fed with Control diet. Thus, it can be concluded that feeding of hydroponic maize fodder with concentrate improve the DM intake, feed conversion ratio and growth performance of Bengal goats in terms of body weight gain.


  • Addition of HM instead of maize grains in goats’ diet improves the growth performance and body weight gain.
  • Use HM as an alternative fodder for goat and other livestock for local farmers.

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