Year: 2023 | Month: August | Volume 13 | Issue 4

Assessment on Risk and Uncertainties Among Poultry Farmers in Corcuera, Romblon, Philippines

Ken N. Falculan


Poultry farming is known widely all over the country, especially since it is considered a source of income for Filipino farmers. This study was a descriptive method to assess the practices of poultry farmers in eliminating risks. The socio-demographic profile of the respondents comprises 50% male and 50% female, with a total of one hundred respondents (100) age ranges from 51-60 years old, and 70% of them were married. Household size has 4-7 members, source of income of respondents was in the poultry industry; 95% of respondents have an average income of P5000-10000 monthly. 47% of the respondents are elementary level (84%), they engaged in farming for five years and above, and 83% of the respondents raised native chicken as their source of income. Most of the respondents agreed on the different risks in managing poultry this is the following; environmental risks, production risks, health risks, market risks, and financial risks. Determinants are; disease outbreaks, poultry facilities, veterinary care, supply of electricity and water, inadequate knowledge of poultry raising, and high feed prices. Most respondents stated that; management and strategic intervention will be applied in managing small-scale poultry. Such interventions stated are; promoting the quality of poultry products, maintaining poultry health and sanitation, having strong communication and coordination between all those involved in poultry veterinary service, having personal savings, investing in quality feeds, and biosecurity obtained.


  • Risk in management and determinants of small-scale poultry farmer.
  • Farmers to be knowledgeable about risk and acquire risk management skills.
  • Evaluate the best management practices to attain high productivity.

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